Changing From SHOPS to DISTRICTS

By Ben FairbankMarch 15, 2023

The RFOX VALT is an ever-expanding virtual world that offers endless possibilities for those who are looking to create and explore. In this metaverse platform, retail spaces known as SHOPs have been considered an essential part of the landscape, providing opportunities for conducting business and hosting a range of events. However, with recent advancements in customisation and configurability, through the soon-to-be-released RFOX VALT Unity SDK, it has become clear that the term SHOP is no longer fitting. As such, we are excited to announce an important change from SHOPs to Districts.

Currently, SHOPs can be customised to a significant degree and can be used for hosting games, scenes, retail spaces, offices, events, and even new worlds. Due to their ability to attain almost limitless size by utilizing portals to other experiences from within, they have always been considered an essential part of the RFOX VALT.

By changing the terminology from SHOPs to Districts, we are opening up new possibilities for what these spaces can be. Instead of limiting them to retail areas, we can now imagine a variety of spaces and even worlds being built within Districts and more expansive and dynamic communities occupying them.. The term District lends itself to a broader vision of what these spaces can be, allowing for more extensive and imaginative creations.

The shift from SHOPs to Districts is an exciting development that offers endless possibilities for those who are looking to explore and create on the platform. As these virtual worlds continue to evolve, it's clear that the potential for these spaces is only going to continue to grow. By rebranding these spaces as Districts, we're opening up new opportunities for more extensive and dynamic communities, making the RFOX VALT a more exciting and engaging space for everyone.

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