SHOP until we drop – Weekly Blog N0. 9

By RFOX VALTSeptember 10, 2021

4 days until the SHOP sale and so much left to tell you all. So let’s get things underway. Today we will take you on a journey through a SHOP, one we have configured using the SHOP owners custom tools, just to give you an idea of what is possible. We have kept things pretty basic so as not to take away from the art and the NFTs. We have a little Easter Egg in there for you too, and a few things going on that might pose more questions than answers, but isn’t that always the case? - Join us as we chronicle the RFOX VALT journey.

The NFTs issued for the ownerships of the SHOPs in Callinova

Update 10/SEP/2021:

If you missed last week's blog, never fear; you can read it here. Here’s the summary of what you missed:

  • A planetarium with a space exploration NFT project

  • A rotation SHOP for premium brands

  • Quartermaster applications

This week we dropped an epic teaser of the building and the creation of the RFOX VALT. 

Don’t worry if you missed it. You have come to the right place. Here is the video we launched during the week that gives you the first look at some of the characters involved with building the RFOX VALT? Where are we? What are we controlling? Who is Mira? Who is the father? and where is this all headed? We leave you to be the judge of that. 

When SHOP rules and laws?

The SHOP owners handbook is receiving its final touches and will be released tomorrow, which gives you 3 days to get your head around all there is to know. Don’t miss the release of this on the official RFOX social channels.

Hang on, I want to buy a SHOP but have no idea what I am in for. Can you show me?

Well, we did show you templates, outside designs, some of the customisations and many more features, but, yes, we can show you a VR walkthrough using the Oculus headset. This design was created to showcase some serious NFTs and of course our beloved KOGs. Thanks to all the BAYC owners who lent us their images. You are aping amazing. 

The latest MAP

This will give you a greater appreciation of the overall layout of the RFOX VALT. More details to follow.

I can’t remember what the outside of the SHOPs looks like. Can you show me again?

Here are the 5 templates we have shared for the outside of the SHOPs. Would love to hear which one appeals to you the most.

A Reminder of Some of the Talent we are Attracting to the RFOX VALT

How did we manage to attract someone so accomplished in their chosen field to join forces with RFOX to bring such an exciting project to the RFOX VALT?

We did it with the help of our friends and partners at VOID Cyber. They will be occupying the first marquee building that we announce and this project is a testament to the type of quality projects they are attracting to the RFOX VALT. You can read about the announcement here.

The team behind VOID Cyber work with some of the biggest brands in the world, and they will bring a truly unique concept to the RFOX VALT. They will use all of their experience and network to help premium brands enter the blockchain space through the RFOX NFT platform and on a rotational basis. This means you never know who you are going to see next in their marquee store, but they have some great projects in store for you. They are also the team that worked with us to bring you the first-ever Reebok NFT collection. 

Now for our new competition

Who do you think will be the first client that VOID Cyber brings into the RFOX VALT metaverse? For your chance to win an insane mystery prize, enter your guess here competition closes when the client is announced.

Don’t forget, we are now accepting applications for Quartermasters!

Inside The VALT

Want to win an early access pass for the RFOX VALT and be one of the first people to ever see it?

Join our newsletter here and be the first to find out how to enter. 

In Summary

  • A new walkthrough

  • A new game style trailer to introduce the law

  • A handbook dropping tomorrow

Coming up in RFOX VALT

The first SHOP sale for the Callinova quarter.

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