RFOX VALT Grants Access to SHOP Owners

By RFOX VALTFebruary 04, 2022

RFOX VALT has recently activated apps for exploring the RFOX VALT and customizing SHOPs in the metaverse, giving SHOP owners and quartermasters the exclusive privilege of being the first people to experience the RFOX VALT virtually. 

We have launched two apps for SHOP owners in the RFOX VALT: one web app and another for VR devices. The web app mainly functions as the platform through which SHOP owners can set up and customize their digital storefronts in the RFOX VALT metaverse. Meanwhile, the VR app complements the web app by providing SHOP owners with the capacity to experience the RFOX VALT virtually. 

The RFOX VALT web app and VR app are currently open to SHOP owners and quartermasters, but we plan to expand this to everyone who uses the RFOX VALT in the future. For now, we give a glimpse at the apps that give access to the RFOX VALT.  


The first interface that you see when logging in to the RFOX VALT web app is My NFTs, a feature that exhibits a multi-chain NFT inventory, integrated with Ethereum and WAX blockchains. Through My NFTs, you can integrate your RFOX ID with ETH and WAX wallets, allowing you to transfer NFTs between different wallets.  

The My NFTs section also supports access to external marketplaces OpenSea (ETH) and AtomicHub (WAX), so you can directly buy and sell NFTs on OpenSea and AtomicHub through this section. In the screenshot below, we can see how this function works.  

Next to the My NFTs section is My SHOPs, which serves as a SHOP owners’ portal with customization options for different parts of a SHOP: interior templates, surface materials, NFT display frames, logos, accent colors, and banners.  

Aside from supporting the customization of a SHOP’s aesthetics, the My SHOPs section also enables SHOP owners to select up to 20 NFTs from their multi-chain NFT inventory to be exhibited in the SHOP. Under the My Exhibition section of My SHOPs, owners can select which NFTs they want to display on a specific part of their SHOP. My Exhibition also features editing tools for an exhibition’s title, subtitle, description, and web links.  

Owners can also see a map of their SHOP, allowing them to visualize how their SHOPs look like from the inside. From this map interface, you can also remove or edit the NFTs that have been selected for display in the SHOP. 

RFOX VALT Grants Access Image 4

The next section in the RFOX VALT SHOP Owners’ web app is My Avatar, which integrates with Readyplayer.me. Through this section, you can create and customize the look of your avatar in the RFOX VALT. This avatar links with your RFOX ID, porting your avatar directly to the RFOX VALT. 

Other functions of the web app include: 

  • NFT sharing to social media 

  • Queue system for replacing NFTs in the SHOP once a displayed NFT is sold 

RFOX VALT VR App for SHOP Owners 

Serving as a complement of the web app for customizing SHOPs, the RFOX VALT VR app allows SHOP owners to virtually explore the RFOX VALT’s Callinova quarter in multiplayer mode, including access to the 25 SHOPs in that quarter.  

When an owner moves in the RFOX VALT, he uses a character based on the avatar he created in Readyplayer.me, thanks to the integration with RFOX ID. Inside the SHOP, an owner can see the SHOP customizations made through the web app, including the 20 selected NFTs, as well as SHOP exteriors and interiors. 

The RFOX VALT VR App is available on the Oculus Quest. 

SHOP Owners’ Feedback on the RFOX VALT Apps 

This early, SHOP owners have given positive reviews of the SHOP owners’ apps and the RFOX VALT metaverse in general. Josh, owner of SHOP No. 1 in the Callinova quarter, said, "Even as [an initial developer] build, it looks really good. Just some fine tuning and minor things [that need] to be worked out. [I am] VERY impressed." 

“Just wanted [to] confess that I just got a little emotional when I saw my WAX NFTs listed alongside my ETH NFTs in the web app. Well done, guys!” said Face, another SHOP owner. "The web app is AMAZING. The ability to sort/filter chains and wallets, OMFG," SHOP owner Lars shared. 

We are keen to get more feedback from our SHOP owners, but so far, we only have nine SHOP owners out of 50 on our official Discord channel. If you are a SHOP owner, we encourage you to join us on Discord and share your thoughts on the RFOX VALT apps. Here's how to get involved:  

  • Join RFOX Discord: https://discord.com/invite/rfox 

  • Contact Quartermasters through Discord. They will help you join the exclusive SHOP owner channel and instruct you on the next steps. Our brand ambassadors can help you identify Quartermasters if you are uncertain. 

  • If you don't already have an Oculus Quest 2, order one to get early access to the VR app of the RFOX VALT. 

More updates about SHOP access to owners, including expansion to other parts of the RFOX VALT metaverse, more customization options, and additional functions, will be revealed in the future.  

Note: The features shown on the RFOX VALT web app and VR app are currently in the MVP (minimum viable product) stage and will be expanded in the future according to the needs of SHOP owners. We aim to create more options to customize, open more SHOP spots for NFTs, and offer other features like 3D model import options. We're working closely with SHOP owners to support their respective user stories. 

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