RFOX VALT Apartment Sales Voting Details

By RFOX VALTFebruary 14, 2023

RFOX VALT has some big news to share with you all in relation to the ongoing apartment sale. We WILL be finishing the sale at the advertised time of 5:00 PM GMT +8, February 15th. You have a limited amount of time to secure your apartment because when the sale ends, we will be setting aside all unsold apartments ready to be 🔥 burned.

Here’s where it gets interesting. We have decided to introduce voting for all holders of SHOPs, OGs, Apartments and CitiXens (already issued to OGs). Please see our social channels for further details. The vote weighting will be as follows:

  • SHOP owners 1:30 votes

  • OG CitiXen 1:2 votes

  • Apartments currently in supply 1:1 votes

  • CitiXens currently in supply 1:1 votes

The vote will be on 4 possible outcomes for the CitiXens that were to be allocated against each apartment that was NOT sold. The voting will last for 7 days beginning on the 16th of February, after the sale ends and voting will be open to anyone holding eligible assets during that time. Drops to OG CitiXen holders will be included in the voting and competition winners will NOT have received their apartments until the 23rd so will therefore NOT be entitled to vote or for the entitlements from the vote. Selling your apartment before the CitiXens airdrop will mean you are not entitled to the airdrop. The person who purchased your asset will be the recipient. The 4 options are as follows:

  • Option 1: Burn all unsold apartments and allocate the associated CitiXens evenly amongst all apartments bought in the sale** - In this option the 3000 CitiXens would be divided amongst the purchasers in the apartment sale. For e.g. there are currently 280 apartments sold, so 3000/280 would mean each apartment holder would get approx. 10 CitiXens, if there were to be no more sales. The allocation will be rounded down to a whole number with the rest being kept aside for creator giveaways.

  • Option 2: Burn all the unsold apartments and the associated CitiXens – In this option, all apartments not sold and the associated CitXens would also be burned for e.g if we stay at 280 sales then only 280 CitiXens would be allocated and the remaining 2720 would be burned.

  • Option 3: Burn all unsold apartments and allocate an additional CitiXen to each OG and divide the remaining amongst all apartment purchasers – In this option, the OGs would each receive an additional CitiXen and remaining would be allocated to the apartment holders that participated in the sale. For e.g. if we were to stay at 280 sales, 1300 CitiXens would go to OGs and 1420 would be divided amongst the 280 purchasers, rounded down to the nearest whole number with the rest being kept for creator giveaways.

  • Option 4: Burn all unsold apartments and keep the remaining CitiXens for attracting new creators and projects into the VALT – In this option we would issue the remaining unsold CitiXens to a treasury in which you would vote for which creators and projects are worthy of receiving a CitiXen based on their contributions and ability to add value to the RFOX VALT ecosystem.

We will look to have at least 2,500 votes submitted for the vote to be valid. Once 2,500 votes (or more) have been received the option with the most votes will be deemed the winner and we will go with this option. If we do not reach 2,500 votes we reserve the right to revote based on the top 2 selections with a new number to be met as a minimum to qualify.

** Only apartments bought in the sale are eligible for these options. Giveaways and free apartments are not included.

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