Proposal to Launch a meme DAO within the RFOX VALT

By RFOX VALTFebruary 24, 2023

The Binance ecosystem has been overlooked for far too long. With some of the best creators and most talented developers complementing what is undoubtedly one of the strongest communities in the blockchain space. “The new meme” DAO will prove the Binance community as the strongest, through the support of this new token.

The name “The new meme” DAO is a placeholder; we have a name and brand which will be revealed should the vote pass. This will serve to kickstart the project and will be up to the future council voted in to manage and change moving forward. RFOX will have no further say beyond the launch.

“The new meme” DAO will distribute tokens to those who were building through the bear market and new projects that are joining the ecosystem now. “The new meme” DAO will reward the holders and traders who make the Binance ecosystem what it is. Most importantly “The new meme” DAO will let you decide who is supported next by selecting the most talented creators and collaborations to bring new collections to the ecosystem for FREE.

“The new meme” DAO will provide rewards to those who have been here before, are still here now, and plan to be here for the long-term. The community will drive the direction, the passion, and the key initiatives because it is the token for Binance OGs.

RFOX Ecosystem chart of creators and inital liquidity

“The new meme” DAO will break the mold. With a low initial supply, much lower maximum supply than your typical meme token, and an extremely fair entry point. The value of the “The new meme” DAO token will be solely determined by the amazing DAO community and its projects.

All wearables, NFT and asset creation projects voted by the DAO to launch through “The new meme” DAO will be required to issue NFTs to the community at no cost and will receive compensation in the form of a percentage of the emissions from the LP pool.


“The new meme” DAO will reside in a SHOP space in the RFOX VALT which has been assigned for free use by the community. The unique structure of the RFOX VALT allows “The new meme” DAO community members to build anything they want in the form of a metaverse in this exclusive space. The RFOX VALT metaverse is built in VR first, but available on mobile and PC and will launch in Open Beta by the end of quarter 1, 2023.

“The new meme” DAO will take residence in the RFOX VALT, gaining access to NFT creation tools, avatar creation tools, AI tools, a full suite of world creator tools, and much more.

“The new meme” DAO can commence building in the designated RFOX VALT SHOP this quarter and be ready for a Q2, 2023 launch.

As “The new meme” DAO is in the RFOX VALT, there will be an allocation of the fair launch tokens set aside for the RFOX ecosystem. More details will follow.


The proposal will go live on and will have 2 options to vote on:

  • Yes, let’s rock and roll!

  • Nah, not our thing.

The voting is live and will run for 7 days concluding on the 2nd of March 2023 at 5pm GMT+8.


The following NFTs are eligible with their respective voting weight:

  • SHOP owners 1:30 votes

  • OG CitiXens 1:2 votes

  • Apartments 1:1 votes

  • CitiXens 1:1 votes

  • Koggus 1:1 votes


Should the community vote “Yes, let's rock and roll!” to the proposal, we will look to appoint 4 OGs, one from each quarter, to form the initial council. This council will welcome the new holders and projects into the DAO and hire the longer-term team while offering information about the RFOX VALT to the latest “meme” DAO projects.

If you are interested in being one of the 4 OGs please reach out to our staff on the RFOX Discord so that we can collect your interest and details.

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