On Avatars and System Building: Weekly Blog No. 13

By RFOX VALTNovember 02, 2021

The fourth quarter of 2021 is shaping up to be the most consequential for the formation of the RFOX VALT. Fresh from the completion of our Callinova SHOP sale last month, when we sold 25 SHOPs for a total of just under 30 million RFOX, we are dedicated to doing our best this quarter to satisfy our newest partners in growing the metaverse.  

Last week, we have started adding avatars in RFOX VALT. We also took the time to discuss how avatars are being formed inside the metaverse, with the help of ReadyPlayer.me, Unity Asset Store, and other current and future partners. 

This week, we continue the work of enhancing our avatar feature, as we explore the possibilities that will be unlocked through these avatars. We’ll also explain more under-the-hood but still important stuff that we have achieved in the process of metaverse-building. 

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Update 08/OCT/2021: 

If you missed last week's blog, never fear; you can read it here. Here’s the summary of what you missed: 

  • Avatar testing 

  • Quartermaster search nears end 

This week, let’s discuss more about Avatars on RFOX VALT.

During last week’s RFOX VALT update, when we unveiled the first look at avatars on our metaverse, we shared that we are working with, ReadyPlayer.Me, an online service that lets you have one Avatar for many parts of the metaverse that you want to explore. We are also using the Final IK animation tool from the Unity Asset Store to code in the motion animation needed to move these Avatars when you use them inside RFOX VALT. 

In the first few versions of integrating Avatars in RFOX VALT, the Avatars and the space they are in looked like this: 

We have made notable progress on the Avatars since then, but even at this rudimentary stage, we are able to showcase how your virtual identities interact with other people in the RFOX VALT metaverse. You also see a glimpse of one of the many ways that your digital assets such as NFTs, artworks, and other collectibles can be exhibited. 

The Avatar system for RFOX VALT is currently a work in progress, but one that will unlock more customization and revenue-generating opportunities for the metaverse’s stakeholders. 

What other benefits are unlocked by avatars on RFOX VALT? 

One major feature that Avatars have across the many companies that offer them is customization. ReadyPlayer.me’s avatar generation tool gives you a selection of hoodies, jackets, and more in their default customization tool, and you can wear those outfits in all metaverse projects where they are supported. 

Within RFOX VALT, you will be able to take this Avatar customization even further. Aside from default options for Avatar creation, you will gain access to exclusive items and add-ons to be offered by the RFOX VALT team, the SHOPs within the metaverse, and even your fellow virtual companions who happen to make these items as well. You can go as understated as the Avatar that looks like Ben (see below), or you can go wild with your headgear, outfits, and more, like Lenny (also see below). 

Now why is customization important? Mainly, it opens avenues for more monetization, benefiting those who create under the RFOX VALT metaverse economy that we’re building. When there more opportunities for money-making within the metaverse, more creators are encouraged to be productive. 

In addition, more detailed and customizable Avatars open the way to integrating wearables into the RFOX VALT experience. We are building a setup that caters to as many hardware options as possible, from the more accessible options like mobile phones and consoles, to the more sophisticated like VR headsets and wearables. This is part of our open-platform vision for the RFOX VALT. 

How open-platform will RFOX VALT be? 

Speaking of open-platform, the RFOX VALT team was also hard at work this week for more routine tasks that are also crucial to delivering a top-notch metaverse experience for you. Currently, we are compiling and transferring all the data that has been built over the past few months to a more interoperable system. In addition, we are looking at working with multiple blockchain platforms to make sure that the RFOX VALT is truly a metaverse by the literal definition. We’ll share more details about this development in the coming days. 

You might be the next Quartermaster we’re looking for! Apply now before it’s too late. 

We are currently in the process of selecting candidates for the task of being a Quartermaster. We will likely close the application process soon, so if you still haven’t thrown your hat in the ring for the role of Quartermaster in the exciting virtual marketplace we’re building, you better finish your applications soon.  

What do you get from being a Quartermaster? Aside from playing a huge role in building the future of the metaverse, you also gain benefits from the SHOPs you help maintain and manage. More details about the duties of a Quartermaster below: 

  • As a quartermaster, you are not only a manager, but you are a master in customer service, operations, marketing, and sales. You are savvy and adept at interacting with clients. Your main goal is to make your clients happy. If they are happy, their customers are happy. You are responsible for everything that goes on in your quarter, including making sure that all the shops are running smoothly. If something is broken, you will have to find a way to fix it. 

  • You are unique and one of a kind, so too is your role. You are entering a new realm where few before have travelled. You are ready to take the challenge and be a pioneer and part of history as we reshape e-commerce, media and gaming as we know it by being a catalyst in making our fully interoperable ecosystem a success. 

  • Focusing on client retention is one thing, but you are also top-notch in acquiring and attracting brands to your quarter. You are successful when your clients are happy, their customers are happy and that your quarter is buzzing with traffic and sales. 


  • Manage and oversee operations, maintenance, administration, rent control and improvement of the shops 

  • Address client complaints and resolve problems 

  • Enforce governance, rules, and regulations 

  • Prepare detailed budgets, financial reports and KPIs 

  • Plan, schedule, and coordinate events, advertising, promotional and marketing strategies 

  • Deal, negotiate and facilitate contracts 

  • Review rents to ensure that they are in line with the market 

  • Identify trendsetter ideas by researching industry and related events aligned with the quarter’s theme 

  • Discover and explore business opportunities by attracting clients and brands 


  • Must have experience managing multiple clients 

  • Preferably someone who has experience in the retail/e-commerce sector 

  • Commercial acumen, understanding and management of revenue-based targets, budgets, and drivers 

  • Strong exposure to multiple global brands 

  • Experience in marketing and advertising is an advantage 

  • Motivation for sales 

  • Prospecting skills 

  • Sales planning 

  • Meeting sales goals 

  • Strong customer service and client management skills 

Enough already, how do I apply?

Although we expect the process to take a while, as finding the right people will not be easy, we do want to start the process. So, if you think this role sounds like you, OR you know someone who might be interested, you can go to this link

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In Summary 

  • Avatar enhancements on RFOX VALT 

  • Internal updates for interoperability and working with many blockchains 

  • Quartermaster search on its final stages 

Coming up in RFOX VALT 

We’re keeping this one under wraps this time, so you’ll have to read our next RFOX VALT blog to find out what it is. See you next week! 

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