Meet 5 Key People from the Growing RFOX VALT Team

By RFOX VALTJanuary 20, 2022

The RFOX VALT metaverse has captured the imagination of the blockchain community. RFOX VALT made waves in 2021 with its sale of virtual land (SHOPs) in two of its quarters: the art-inspired Callinova and the gaming-inspired Arkamoto. With more updates in the pipeline, including the upcoming auction for SHOPs in two more quarters, the RFOX VALT team has beefed up its ranks, hiring more full-time members in recent weeks.

At this moment, the RFOX VALT metaverse team consists of several areas of responsibility. We have a core leadership team that handles the overall direction of the RFOX VALT. We have a tech team that focuses on building RFOX VALT Web applications, such as the SHOP owner portal and multi-chain NFT inventory and marketplace, as well as the integration of RFOX NFTs technology and RFOX ID, among others. We also have a Unity production team, a marketing asset creation team that will polish all the assets for marketing purposes, and more.

We have 27 dedicated team members currently building the RFOX VALT. There are 14 people currently in our tech production team, including project managers, developers, and quality control analysts, plus six in the marketing asset creation team. In addition, we aim to hire 19 more people in the next three to six months to bolster the creation of the open-platform metaverse. Explore our job openings here.

Introducing Five Key Members from the Growing RFOX VALT Team

This article introduces some key members of the RFOX VALT team, whose roles and talents will have a significant impact in turning the RFOX metaverse vision into reality.

1. Josef Andre, Product Owner - Josef has been part of the RFOX team for more than two years, starting as Technical Project Manager in September 2019. He then became Head of Special Projects at RFOX Games from February to August 2021 before taking over as a Product Owner of the RFOX VALT. A Bachelor of Science in Engineering graduate of the Fachhochschule Technikum Wien in 2019 and an Erasmus+ International Exchange Program participant in 2018, this young leader is a crucial point person within RFOX, ensuring quality production of the company’s solutions, including the RFOX VALT.

2. Daniil Kuznetsov, Studio Director - Daniil joined RFOX in December 2021 as director of the RFOX VALT development studio. Before that, he served as a producer, studio director, and designer for gaming and Internet companies for 17 years, with leadership stints at Cubic Games, Shockapp, Helio Games, and Virtual Realms. He is responsible for creating a dream team of designers and developers and empowering them to do their best to make the best possible metaverse product for the RFOX VALT.

3. Andrew Soosay, Art Director - Joining RFOX in January 2022, Andrew has 23 years of experience in the gaming industry, serving as an art director for the past six years for Virtual Realms, NeoBards, and Virtuos, following stints as an artist for Rockstar North, Starbreeze Studios, Criterion Games, and more. He played a major role in creating aesthetics for popular games such as Grand Theft Auto and Need For Speed, as well as several AAA racing titles for Codemasters. With his expertise across various gaming platforms such as console, high-end PC, and mobile, he will help make the RFOX VALT’s open-platform vision a reality.

4. Vasilii Kozlov, Technical Game Designer - Vasilii joined RFOX in January 2022 to lead game design, following more than ten years of experience as a developer in Studio-IR, where he became head of the company’s development department in 2019. Before that, he served as a web developer and search engine optimization specialist. His addition to the RFOX VALT team ensures that the project will have a solid game design as the team fleshes out the metaverse concept and incorporates gaming elements into the RFOX VALT.

5. Suebsin Pulsiri, 2D Concept Artist - Suebsin has been working on games and animations since 2006. He was a lead background artist at Sky Light Picture Company and a concept artist at Virtual Realms. His 15-year experience in creating digital art proves crucial for developing the RFOX VALT’s visuals.

A Day in the Life of the RFOX VALT Team

With many goals and roadmap milestones set for this year, the RFOX VALT team has its hands full in creating the many moving parts that make the RFOX VALT possible.

On any given day, Josef defines and prioritizes the product backlog for the RFOX VALT, making sure that the customer is always at the center of every decision and experience. “I'm passionate about the opportunities this will enable for the world in terms of digital inclusion, and it is exciting that we all can be part of shaping a piece of the metaverse, aligned to RFOX's vision and values,” Josef said about his role.

After Josef sets out the day-to-day plan for the RFOX VALT, it’s up to Daniil to “push it to the stars,” in his words. As studio director, Daniil oversees his team’s outputs and ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to building the metaverse. “My key skill is simplifying complex things. The simpler the system, the easier it is to control. I’m motivated by a clear page that can be used to create a piece of art,” he explains.

From clarity comes cohesive output, which RFOX VALT team members such as Andrew, Vasilii, Suebsin, and the others provide abundantly.

As the art director, Andrew owns and drives the visual identity of the VALT, leading his art team to deliver beautiful and engaging ways for communities to fully immerse themselves in the next iteration of the internet via RFOX VALT. “We want the VALT to really shine and stand out among others in the same space, so we are working hard to build amazing experiences to keep drawing people back regularly,” he said.

On the game design side, Vasilii makes gaming schemes with full structures for the RFOX VALT, which is something that’s important to accomplish the right way. “After I build a scheme, I will control how it will be realized. On this step, I will write a lot of technical requirements and documentation. I will also do some corrections to the systems if needed,” he explained. As to what motivates him in his role, he said, “I can influence others to create not just another game, but a high-quality product that can help many people. We want to give a platform that will allow people to gain more freedom.”

Meanwhile, Suebsin creates 2D concept art that sets the look and feel of RFOX VALT, making it as attractive and interesting as possible. He’s currently working on the RFOX VALT’s upcoming music-inspired quarter, which motivates him. “Personally, I'm a music lover, and I'm excited to see it when it's fully launched,” he adds.

This stronger-than-ever RFOX VALT team combines extensive experience and talent with an unparalleled passion for turning the RFOX VALT metaverse into virtual reality.

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