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By RFOX VALTAugust 27, 2021

2 and ½ weeks until we kick off the SHOP sale for the RFOX VALT, and we are pleased to bring you further updates this week. This week we will focus on the 5 templates for the SHOPs, the NFT certificates of SHOP ownership and the map for the Callinova quarter. In the coming weeks, we will show you the RFOX VALT auction site, reveal the marquee clients and much more, so stay tuned for that. But for now, let’s get stuck into this week’s updates and remember to follow us, so you never miss an update - join us as we chronicle the RFOX VALT journey.

Update 27/AUG/2021:

If you missed last week's blog, never fear; you can read it here. Here’s the summary of what you missed:

  • A new ad campaign has launched for the RFOX VALT SHOP sale

  • We showed you new templates and designs for SHOPs

  • A competition for 'name that building and client'

  • Win a VR Headset and early tour

  • Apply to be a Quartermaster now

This week we kicked off a second advert that explains the RFOX ecosystem and heavily features RFOX VALT concepts.

The RFOX ecosystem explainer is an advert that explains the tie in for all the ventures into the RFOX VALT and the commercial experience it creates. It is more for the mass market audience and is evergreen content. Although the advert is heavily targeted to the SEA region, it is also being advertised in the regions where our current holding audience sits, which is largely made up of AUS, USA and UK. 

When is the next ad?

The 3rd ad, which is more of a gaming themed trailer, is more of an intro to the lore and very different from the first 2 ads. It will premiere about a week before the land sale. 

Why has RFOX VALT waited so long into the build to do the SHOP sale? Others, historically, have sold a coloured blob on an excel spreadsheet.

This is true, and we have been asked this question many times. The simple answer is that what we are building is a big concept and quite unique. In order for some of the partners and companies to visualise what we are building, it was important for us to have a better visual representation of what it looks like and how it clicks together. We didn't want to go for the basic whitepaper concept type of sale that is normal for the industry. We wanted to make sure we gave people more information so they could make informed decisions on how and why they wanted to participate. 

How will RFOX VALT compete against some of the bigger players coming into the space, and how will they move as fast as those teams with huge budgets?

The team we have is made up of 22 people dedicated to the project and then 5 people from the RFOX core team who are actively working on this in some capacity. Throwing a ton of cash or more people at it, considering the stage of development, will not speed up the process by very much at all. The team we have working on this also contains some very famous designers who will be revealed before the sale, and we are confident this team is building at a pace, considering the quality, that others will only be able to match but not pull hugely ahead. We have the added advantage of being a long way progressed compared to others. It Is very possible others could beat us to market IF they wanted to cut corners, which is something we aren’t interested in doing ourselves. We want this to stand the test of time, and don’t forget we are combining multiple chains, multiple payment methods, an NFT platform, a DeFi arm, a media arm, a TV platform, a gaming division, and VR. We don’t think there is one metaverse in the space doing all those things and basing it on e-commerce and retail. So, we are quietly confident that we have an advantage that will stand the test of time. 

So, what do the 5 SHOP templates look like from the outside?

We are happy to present to you the 5 external SHOP faces for the Callinova quarter. As shown in previous editions of this blog, these templates are customisable and can have multiple exterior colours and textural changes made. You will notice from the map that the templates are assigned to positions on the map, so if you prefer one template to another, it will pay to bid on the one you like as per its location. 

SHOP Template 5

So, what do I get when I purchase the SHOP?

Each SHOP owner will get one of these ownership certificates detailing what it is they have bought and the rights that go along with it.

Each SHOP owner will get one of these ownership certificates detailing what it is they have bought and the rights that go along with it.

So, what does the map look like?

Many of you have expressed an interest in seeing where on the map the different SHOPs are for sale, and this Callinova map will help to provide you with a guide so you can prepare your bidding strategies.

The VALT shopping map - So, what does the map look like?

How does this all look in a 'zoomed-out' view? 

VALT Shopping Map 'zoomed-out' view

Now for a little competition. Last week we didn’t have anyone guess what the building was so we will keep the competition open. Go to the 13-August 90-second update, which can be found here and tell us in the comments what you think the building below is and have a guess at who the client might be. Post your answers on the YouTube 90 second update along with your WAX addy. 

RFOX VALT Universe

Don’t forget, we are now accepting applications for Quartermasters!


Who Are You?

  • As a quartermaster, you are not only a manager, but you are a master in customer service, operations, marketing, and sales. You are savvy and adept at interacting with clients. Your main goal is to make your clients happy. If they are happy, their customers are happy. You are responsible for everything that goes on in your quarter, including making sure that all the shops are running smoothly. If something is broken, you will have to find a way to fix it. 

  • You are unique and one of a kind, so too is your role. You are entering a new realm where few before have traveled. You are ready to take the challenge and be a pioneer and part of history as we reshape e-commerce, media, and gaming as we know it by being a catalyst in making our fully interoperable ecosystem a success.

  • Focusing on client retention is one thing, but you are also top-notch in acquiring and attracting brands to your quarter. You are successful when your clients are happy, their customers are happy, and your quarter is buzzing with traffic and sales.


  • Manage and oversee operations, maintenance, administration, rent control, and improvement of the shops

  • Address client complaints and resolve problems

  • Enforce governance, rules, and regulations

  • Prepare detailed budgets, financial reports, and KPIs

  • Plan, schedule, and coordinate events, advertising, promotional, and marketing strategies

  • Deal, negotiate, and facilitate contracts

  • Review rents to ensure that they are in line with the market 

  • Identify trendsetter ideas by researching industry and related events aligned with the quarter’s theme

  • Discover and explore business opportunities by attracting clients and brands


  • Must have experience managing multiple clients

  • Preferably someone who has experience in the retail/e-commerce sector

  • Commercial acumen, understanding and management of revenue-based targets, budgets, and drivers

  • Strong exposure to multiple global brands

  • Experience in marketing and advertising is an advantage

  • Motivation for sales

  • Prospecting skills

  • Sales planning

  • Meeting sales goals

  • Strong customer service and client management skills

Enough already, how do I apply?

Although we expect the process to take a while, as finding the right people will not be easy, we do want to start the process. So, if you think this role sounds like you, OR you know someone who might be interested, you can go to this link

If you are new to the RFOX ecosystem or this is your first-time hearing about RFOX VALT, here are some must-read articles to bring you up to speed:

Inside The VALT

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In Summary

  • A new ad campaign has launched for the RFOX ecosystem

  • We show you the 5 exterior templates for the Callinova quarter

  • We show you the NFT ownership certificates

  • We show you the Callinova map

  • Win a VR Headset and early tour

  • Apply to be a Quartermaster now


Coming up in RFOX VALT

Next week things really start to heat up as we announce partners and get closer to showing you the gaming ad, the auction site and much more.

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