How to Buy RFOX VALT OG CitiXens: A Guide

By RFOX VALTSeptember 06, 2022

In this article, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to acquire your own OG CitiXens NFT by buying an OG CitiXens pod during our whitelist presale and public sale events.

Introduction: What are CitiXens

CitiXens is a limited-edition collection of 10,000 VR-enabled 2D and 3D avatars that form the core of the RFOX VALT metaverse’s civilization and governance. 1,300 of these avatars are designated as special OG CitiXens, bearing premium features, higher benefits, and better rarities. Each CitiXen NFT avatar comes with its unique set of random characteristics, including RFOX VALT quarter origin, appearance, gender, and more. A select few OG CitiXens will bear special crystals that set them apart from the rest rarity-wise.

RFOX VALT CitiXens hero section of the webpage showing avatars and the countdown for the sale with the metaverse background

By owning a CitiXen NFT, you own not only the NFT and its metadata, but also the full intellectual property rights to the art represented in that NFT, entitling you to use the art for personal or commercial gain. Other benefits that come with each CitiXen include governance and voting rights in CitiXen’s quarter of origin, NFT staking privileges, eligibility for use in the KOGs Mint Lab, and potential privileges that may emerge in the future.

The CitiXens will be usable in the RFOX VALT metaverse, a fully immersive, virtual reality-driven retail and entertainment experience in the metaverse that combines gaming elements, bringing together the best-in-class of crypto through NFTs and real-world applications of e-commerce, gaming, entertainment, and more.

CitiXens Sale Details

The sale events for CitiXens will include a whitelist presale on September 9, a public sale on September 10 in case the whitelist sale does not sell out, and a Dutch auction on September 30.

The whitelist presale will give you a chance to get your share of the 1,000 OG CitiXens being offered. Each OG CitiXen will be available for sale at the price of US$200 worth of RFOX tokens. Registration for the whitelist ended on September 6 at 4 PM GMT+7.

Meanwhile, the public sale on September 10 will be for the remaining OG CitiXens, which have not been sold during the whitelist sale. If the whitelist sale event sells out all 1,000 OG CitiXens, the public sale will no longer go ahead. At this point, the OG CitiXens will be available for sale at the price of US$250 worth of RFOX tokens.

In the Dutch auction, scheduled for September 30, RFOX will offer a total of 3,000 CitiXens for sale. There will be a preliminary price for each CitiXen at the start of the auction, and this price will change throughout the event until all 3,000 CitiXens are sold out.

In all sale events, participants will be able to acquire CitiXens Mint Pods, which entitle holders to the right to reveal CitiXens avatars in the future. Please refer to this tutorial to learn the many ways that you can buy RFOX tokens.

This guide will focus on the whitelist and public sale events for OG CitiXens.

Steps on How to Buy OG CitiXens

1. Go to the CitiXens website and connect your crypto wallet

RFOX VALT CitiXens whitelist mint dashboard to connect wallet

On the day of the whitelist presale or public sale, you need to connect your crypto wallet to the RFOX VALT CitiXens website. Please note that CitiXens NFTs will be on the Ethereum blockchain, specifically using the ERC721A token standard, so you must use a crypto wallet that supports this token standard, like Metamask and WalletConnect. Also, the RFOX tokens in your crypto wallet must be native to the Ethereum blockchain.

2. Select how many OG CitiXens Pods you want to buy

RFOX VALT CitiXens purchasing an OG whitelist mint pods

Once your crypto wallet is connected, you’ll see changes in your Whitelist Mint or Public Mint screen, which will show the price of the OG CitiXens Pod in RFOX tokens and an option where you can select how many pods you want to buy. Click the “Approve” button first to begin the process. Then, select how many OG CitiXens Pods you want to buy and click “Mint.”

3. See your OG CitiXens Pods in your crypto wallet

Once the transaction is complete, you can check your crypto wallet to look at the OG CitiXens pods you just acquired. Hold on to those pods, because there will be a snapshot event of all OG CitiXens pods holders. If you are holding an OG CitiXen at that time, you will be airdropped a CitiXens pod on the same day for each OG CitiXens pod you hold.

In addition, there will be a separate snapshot event for all CitiXens and OG CitiXens holders. If you are holding a CitiXens pod at that time, you will be airdropped an apartment mint pass on the same day. OG CitiXens and CitiXens are eligible for 1 apartment pass each. Therefore, owning an OG CitiXens pod entitles you to one OG CitiXen, one bonus CitiXen, and a total of two apartments.

Apartments are your personal space in the RFOX VALT. Users can own an exclusive RFOX VALT apartment NFT, which will be your own space to call home, decorate, host hangouts or meetings, and upgrade to suit your individual style or taste.

RFOX VALT CitiXens maximum minting reach

What if I don’t have RFOX tokens at the time of the whitelist sale?

In case you weren’t able to prepare RFOX tokens ahead of the whitelist presale or public sale, you don’t have to worry. The RFOX VALT OG CitiXens sale page features a handy token swap tool (powered by RFOX Finance) that allows you to swap the tokens you have in your crypto wallet for RFOX tokens. Just click the “Get RFOX” button to see this token swapping feature.

RFOX VALT CitiXens swapping Etherium to RFOX token for minting

On the drop-down menu, select the token that you want to use for swapping. You can search among the token options available in the interface. Once you select your preferred token, you can enter the amount of tokens you want to spend on the swap, and the system automatically shows how many RFOX tokens you will gain from the transaction. Click the Swap button to complete this transaction, get your RFOX tokens, and then finally participate in the OG CitiXens sale.

You can also customize your swap settings so that you have control over how much slippage (difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is executed) and transaction length you can tolerate for the token swap. As with typical transactions on DeFi (decentralized finance), your transaction will have to take these factors into account.

RFOX VALT CitiXens swap setting for minting

How does the public sale differ from the whitelist pre-sale?

While the public sale and the whitelist presale have similar steps, it’s important to note that the public sale on September 10 happens after the whitelist presale on September 9, if any OG CitiXens remain available after the presale. As noted earlier, the public sale will not continue once all 1,000 OG CitiXens were sold during the whitelist presale.

RFOX VALT CitiXens whitelist mint sold out and other options

If the public sale goes ahead, each OG CitiXens NFT will cost 250 USD worth of RFOX tokens. You can buy up to 10 OG CitiXen Pods per transaction with unlimited mints, compared to the maximum of 3 per address for the whitelist sale.

RFOX VALT CitiXens the dashboard for public minting

For more information about CitiXens, join the RFOX Discord and go to this website:

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