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By RFOX VALTAugust 13, 2021

We are one week closer to the RFOX VALT Shop sales on the 14th of September and less than one week away until the first VALT ad drops publicly on the 19th of August. This week we will walk you through some of the updates we have for the RFOX VALT design, effective uses of space and transport for those in a hurry. Over the coming weeks, we will update you on a more defined opening date for the Callinova quarter and what you can expect between now and then. We hope to share some of our internal excitement with you over the coming weeks and allow you all to see what we have already seen. — Join us as we chronicle the RFOX VALT journey.


Update 13/AUG/2021:

If you missed last week's blog, never fear; you can read it here.  Here’s the summary of what you missed:

  • New VR walkthrough of Callinova, we have come a long way in a short amount of time

  • The first advert for the SHOP sale will be released on the 19th of August

  • Miss Universe Philippines updates coming in the following weeks and will also launch in September

  • Win a VR Headset and early tour

  • Apply to be a Quartermaster now

This week we took the RFOX family on another video tour of The VALT in VR, and again it was unpolished, unedited, and gave you the same view we would see wearing our Oculus headsets. 

Will the RFOX VALT be finished before the shop sale?

NO. We have never said that it would be, BUT it's important that we take you on the journey of progression with us so you can see what we are building. We will be providing more firm timelines prior to the sale on exactly when the Callinova quarter will be opened to the public.

There has been much recent talk about metaverses, and they say they take years to develop. Is this true?

Yes, that’s true, and therefore we have been asked how we will be able to deliver the MVP this year for the Callinova quarter. You have seen the walkthroughs and the updates, and as you can see, we have already been working on this for a long time. Although there is much to be done, we have laid the foundations, and now it's go-time in putting it all together. We had a huge head-start on our competition. Here are some of the main steps in building and planning a metaverse:

  • The Idea – Many projects, regardless of what they are or in what industry sector they belong, never get off the ground. Ideas are wonderful, but execution is king. Once you have the basic idea, which anyone can have, you need to decide what your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) will be. When we decided to do the metaverse, there was hardly any talk about it, so why should we try and differentiate ourselves when there isn't a lot of competition? The answer is simple, if you are on the right track and you are fortunate enough to predict what is coming next, you then need to ask yourself, when the bigger, better funded, and larger networked businesses come into the space, how will we be able to a) establish a niche and b) protect our lead or market position? We tackled this by focusing on a much-needed e-commerce and retail focus and using our metaverse as a platform for all the RFOX ventures to plug into.

  • The Team – Again, as is the case with any new industry sector, where do you find people that can provide this very specialised skill? It's a great question and one that leads us on a worldwide search. After vetting 10's of agencies and design firms, we settled on one that had a ton of experience in VR art galleries, smart city designs, 3D modelling, video game production and who has a network of partners that would give us an advantage over anyone entering the space.

  • The Build – VR vs non-VR, and App vs PC, where is it, when is it, why is it, and how is it? There are so many considerations such as audience, demographic, cost, time to market, integration layers, interoperability, infrastructure, cost to maintain, flexibility and adaptability, ease of use, inclusion, payment rails, legislative, KYC and AML, Decentralised vs Centralised, contributive vs closed, open-source vs closed-source and cost to use and interact, to name a few. There are far more decisions to be made that might meet the eye as an outside observer. We, as a team, have had to make all the above decisions and each day that passes we are required to make more crucial decisions that can alter the structure and experience. On top of that, we are plugging in RFOX TV, RFOX Media, RFOX Games, RFOX NFT, RFOX Finance and the cashback and streaming e-commerce app. 

Enough already, take me to the pictures. Are there any updates since the video walkthrough last week?

Here are some pictures to show you the progress made since the last video VR walkthrough was released. As you can see, progress happens fast when you have everything mapped out. Imagine what this will look like in 3 or 4 months from now.

Last week we saw what white 'shapes' looked like. Today we explore the adding of textures.

Enough already, take me to the pictures. Are there any updates since the video walkthrough last week?

Once we add textures, it starts to look more like this:

Once we add textures, it starts to look more like this:

This is a subtle change that makes a significant difference when you zoom out. Here are some more texture examples:

And by now, you've probably worked out something relatively important. The question we have been asked week on week, is "How big are the shops and how can they all fit within the allotted space provided?". You may have noticed the stairs on the above pictures and yes, some of you clever cookies had previously guessed. Admittedly you are architects but here is a little example of how we are not confined to the space restrictions of being completely above ground. 

How does this all look in a 'zoomed-out' view? 

Now for a little competition. Anyone who can guess what this building below might relate to will win a very special prize of an Ultra Rare KOG from 1st Edition. As this relates to an upcoming client, NFT release and more, we want to hear your theories on what it might be. Post your answers on this week’s YouTube 90 second update found here along with your WAX addy. 

And now for our final little spoiler for this week.

Walking? Really? It's VR, I don’t want to walk. I want to get around in style and want to be able to pimp my ride.

We hear you. So, we are providing hoverboards, that can be personalised and branded. Why? You ask. Why not?

Everyone remembers BTTF 2 and the famous hoverboard scenes. Now VR hoverboards are becoming a reality and your avatar will be able to get around on one in the RFOX VALT.

Don’t forget, we are now accepting applications for Quartermasters!

"RFOX VALT": Virtual Reality

So, you want to be a Quartermaster? 

Who Are You?

  • As a quartermaster, you are not only a manager, but you are a master in customer service, operations, marketing, and sales. You are savvy and adept at interacting with clients. Your main goal is to make your clients happy, if they are happy, their customers are happy. You are responsible for everything that goes on in your quarter including making sure that all the shops are running smoothly. If something is broken, you will have to find a way to fix it. 

  • You are unique and one of a kind, so too is your role. You are entering a new realm where few before have traveled. You are ready to take the challenge and to be a pioneer and part of history as we reshape e-commerce, media, and gaming as we know it by being a catalyst in making our fully interoperable ecosystem a success.

  • Focusing on client retention is one thing, but you are also top-notch in acquiring and attracting brands to your quarter. You are successful when your clients are happy, their customers are happy, and your quarter is buzzing with traffic and sales.



  • Manage and oversee operations, maintenance, administration, rent control, and improvement of the shops

  • Address client complaints and resolve problems

  • Enforce governance, rules, and regulations

  • Prepare detailed budgets, financial reports, and KPIs

  • Plan, schedule, and coordinate events, advertising, promotional, and marketing strategies

  • Deal, negotiate, and facilitate contracts

  • Review rents to ensure that they are in line with the market 

  • Identify trendsetter ideas by researching industry and related events aligned with the quarter’s theme

  • Discover and explore business opportunities by attracting clients and brands



  • Must have experience managing multiple clients

  • Preferably someone who has experience in the retail/e-commerce sector

  • Commercial acumen, understanding and management of revenue-based targets, budgets, and drivers

  • Strong exposure to multiple global brands

  • Experience in marketing and advertising is an advantage

  • Motivation for sales

  • Prospecting skills

  • Sales planning

  • Meeting sales goals

  • Strong customer service and client management skills

Enough Already, how do I apply?

Although we expect the process to take a while, as finding the right people will not be easy, we do want to start the process. So, if you think this role sounds like you, OR you know someone who might be interested, you can go to this link

If you are new to the RFOX ecosystem or this is your first-time hearing about RFOX VALT, here are some must-read articles to bring you up to speed

Want to win an early access pass for The VALT and be one of the first people to ever see it? Join our newsletter here and be the first to find out how to enter.

Want to win an early access pass for The VALT and be one of the first people to ever see it? Join our newsletter here and be the first to find out how to enter. 

In Summary

  • New look at the designs and design process

  • We are going underground

  • Hoverboards for those so inclined

  • Win a VR Headset and early tour

  • Apply to be a Quartermaster now

Coming up in RFOX VALT

Advert launches on the 19th of August, client announcements, campaign kick-offs and much, much more. Never miss an important update, subscribe today here.

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