30 Million Reasons– Weekly Blog No. 11

By RFOX VALTOctober 19, 2021

We finally wrapped up the Callinova SHOP sale, and we thought it went very well. The auction site we built from scratch was smooth, and the staggered auction approach created an interesting game theory. Since the auction, we have been speaking to several buyers who are slowly revealing themselves and their plans for the RFOX VALT and how they want to tackle their piece of the digital future. 

So far, we have identified 3 blockchain platforms that will be represented in the RFOX VALT, 3 blockchain projects that will be represented and 2 companies that have had no affiliation to blockchain previously but bring exciting concepts to the space, including one who wants to take the RFOX VALT to a country we haven’t focused on to date. 

This is in addition to the Chasing Space project, the other marquee client that hasn’t been announced yet and VOID Cyber, who will be bringing in multiple premium brands. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who participated in the auction, both the winners and those who missed out, and to those who have so far come forward to share their vision and plans.

We will now move fast to appoint the quartermasters who can help lay the foundations for the onboarding process and ensure that we have a successful launch of our MVP.

We had 30 million reasons to be optimistic with the SHOP sale after reaching a total of just under 30 million RFOX and aim to raise the bar for all future quarter sales and to drive value for those who bought in the first quarter. There will never be another first quarter. 

Update 24/SEP/2021:

If you missed last week's blog, never fear; you can read it here. Here’s the summary of what you missed:

 The first SHOP auction

  • Official RFOX VALT rules

  • An updated roadmap


This week, we completed the RFOX VALT SHOP Auction!

RFOX VALT Screenshot

As earlier discussed, we have recently concluded the RFOX VALT metaverse to the first batch of people who will own SHOPs at the Callinova quarter. As of 4 PM on September 18 (Vietnam time), we have officially closed the auction on SHOPs 1 through 25 and collected about 30 million RFOX as a result.

Specifically, we have earned a total of 29,503,803 RFOX from the winning bids. Out of these earnings, 4,425,570.45 RFOX are allocated for rewards to VFOX holders, while 2,950,380.30 RFOX will be burned, respectively improving incentivization and token economics for RFOX.

We thank all the participants in this auction, from the bidders to the VFOX holders, and everyone in the teams who are working on building the platform. Here are the winning bids for each SHOP:

  • SHOP 1: 2,000,009 RFOX ($88,212.50)

  • SHOP 2: 1,515,001 RFOX ($66,820.71)

  • SHOP 3: 600,010 RFOX ($26,464.07)

  • SHOP 4: 851,000 RFOX ($37,534.25)

  • SHOP 5: 1,250,000 RFOX ($55,132.56)

  • SHOP 6: 1,200,000 RFOX ($52,927.26)

  • SHOP 7: 1,250,000 RFOX ($55,132.56)

  • SHOP 8: 1,360,909 RFOX ($60,024.32)

  • SHOP 9: 1,023,888 RFOX ($45,159.66)

  • SHOP 10: 892,000 RFOX ($39,342.60)

  • SHOP 11: 1,250,006 RFOX ($55,132.83)

  • SHOP 12: 1,233,339 RFOX ($54,397.71)

  • SHOP 13: 903,010 RFOX ($39,828.20)

  • SHOP 14: 1,500,000 RFOX ($66,159.08)

  • SHOP 15: 1,033,095 RFOX ($45,565.74)

  • SHOP 16: 1,100,000 RFOX ($48,516.66)

  • SHOP 17: 1,200,000 RFOX ($52,927.26)

  • SHOP 18: 1,200,000 RFOX ($52,927.26)

  • SHOP 19: 978,501 RFOX ($43,157.81)

  • SHOP 20: 955,000 RFOX ($42,121.28)

  • SHOP 21: 1,250,000 RFOX ($55,132.56)

  • SHOP 22: 1,200,011 RFOX ($52,927.75)

  • SHOP 23: 1,123,023 RFOX ($49,532.11)

  • SHOP 24: 1,236,001 RFOX ($54,515.12)

  • SHOP 25: 1,399,000 RFOX ($61,704.36)

  • TOTAL: 29,503,803 RFOX ($1,301,296.22)

We also encourage everyone to join our ever-growing RFOX community on Discord to stay in touch.

Coming soon to RFOX VALT

After the conclusion of the SHOP auction at the Callinova arts-themed quarter, we have more in store in the process of building the RFOX VALT virtual marketplace. We have more developments in store for you, including the following:

October 2021

  • VFOX Farming will be finished

  • We’ll also announce the initial details of the first VFOX payments


November 2021

  • The next SHOP auction, which will be held on RFOX VALT’s Gaming Quarter (yet to be named).

  • In addition, we’re launching the closed beta release for the RFOX VALT on PC and VR

  • In this closed beta, we allow VIPs to visit Callinova V1 in multiplayer mode

  • We’re debuting the launcher and updater features

  • We’re also letting you choose an avatar for your virtual character on the RFOX VALT from readyplayer.me

  • In addition, we’re launching voice and text chat systems

December 2021

  • Updates on the SHOPs and Exhibitions are coming

  • The Music Quarter is next in line for SHOP auction

  • We’re launching the closed beta release (PC/VR/Mobile), allowing early adopters to visit Callinova V2 (final).

  • By this month, all systems should be in place for SHOP owners to modify their SHOPs as needed and either HODL and use or trade or sell. 

  • By this month as well, the multiplayer system should be robust enough to cater to any number of visitors.

Update on Upcoming Avatars

During last week’s update, we shared that we are in the process of creating avatars on the RFOX VALT metaverse very soon, through ReadyPlayer.Me, an online service that lets you have one avatar for many parts of the metaverse that you want to explore. 

Services like ReadyPlayer.Me fulfil one important part of metaverse-building, which is the creation of your virtual avatar that will interact with other people within the metaverse. ReadyPlayer.Me, is already working with some of the important names in the metaverse space right now, including DUNE, VR CHAT, vSpatial, Sidequest, and more. We do want to make this right the first time around, so we needed to move this a bit, but we’re pretty excited for you to see what it will look like.

Soon, you’ll see me in avatar form, guiding you through RFOX VALT and even accepting questions from the community. I’m pretty excited about that, and he’s much better looking than me too.

We have started the screening process for our future Quartermasters!


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